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A leading name in the Indian Alcobev space with a contemporary portfolio in the wine and spirits industry, has earned discerning and distinguished reviews of its brands across the globe.

At John Distilleries we want our people to be inspired and motivated, to take pride in being a part of a team of young, dynamic free thinkers and we constantly strive to ensure we provide a great work environment, job satisfaction and development opportunities. John Distilleries offers opportunities to learn the dynamic industry of wines and spirits, through positions in sales, operations, warehouse and delivery, IT, accounting, human resources, and administration.

We select self-motivated and competitive individuals who work well as a team and who choose to grow with us - choosing careers over mere jobs - by making our home theirs. In our constant endeavour to stay connected with our employees, we follow an open door policy that fosters a culture of innovation within the organization. Various communication channels are available and ideas or suggestions to continually better our policies and processes are always welcome.

We strongly believe in the concept of leadership connect. Senior managers have regular deliberations with their teams through various forums and on the field. Periodic updates on important organizational issues are sent out to all. Fortnightly review meetings are organized where enabling departments such as administration, human resources and finance meet service delivery.

We're proud to be collaborators, problem solvers and risk-takers. No business challenge is too big, and no customer request too small. Talk to our people and experience first-hand their passion, curiosity and excitement about the work they get to do every single day.

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