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Trade deals won't hit quality alcohol firms in the long run

Published by Varuni Khosla, on Dec 8, 2023

Delhi: Leading Indian alcoholic beverage manufacturers will remain unaffected by the recent trade agreements between India and Australia, or with other countries, said Paul P. John, chairperson of John Distilleries Pvt. Ltd, backed by Sazerac Co.

Paul John Port Cask.

Published by The Whisky Club , on Aug 01, 2022

With the distillery in the former Portuguese enclave of Goa on the west coast of India, it's fitting that this whisky was matured in traditional rich vintage Port and Tawny casks from the spiritual home of Port, Portugal's Douro Valley.

Mithuna Tasting By The Dramble

Published by The Dramble, India, on Jun 16 2021 , Author: The Dramble

Whilst my appreciation for certain styles of cinema remains constant, my favourite film could change every day. Mood plays a significant role in shaping our tastes - and ...

From India To The world, the Journey of Paul John

Published by The Spirits Business Magazine, UK, on May 19 2021

Paul P John, Chairman of John Distilleries Pvt Ltd and the Man Behind the Brand - Paul John Single Malt Whisky, recounts his journey to success during an interview with T...

Roulette By Economic Times

Published by Economic Times, India, on May 18 2021 , Author: Vikram Achanta

The Covid 19 pandemic hasn't slowed down the animal spirits in the Indian alcobev industry, except that I dare say there would have been even more launches than what we'v...