With Original Choice, subtlety meets complexity; maturation in fresh oak wood casks imparts a perfect balance and a distinct flavor, making it the Choice of Millions.

Original Choice is one of the top selling brands in India's popular whisky segment and is one of the top 10 selling whiskies worldwide, with sales exceeding 11 million cases a year.

Orginal Choice

The Original Choice Whisky blend has been carefully crafted and perfected to offer the same rich experience as that of a malt whisky, but at an affordable price. Its light malty aroma with a hint of a smooth woody character, from the use of malt spirits specifically matured in pre-identified American oak casks, has ascertained that the Original Choice Whisky experience is espoused by millions of loyalists over the years. Enjoy its distinct flavor and let the spirit of smoothness unfold gently. Original Choice Whisky celebrates every occasion with its patrons and adds that extra touch of happiness.

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Orginal Choice

Original Choice Gold

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Fruity and floral with toasted hazelnut, toffee, vanilla and spice.

Flavour: Vanilla with cocoa butter and light spices from the casks lead to a warm, long and smooth finish.

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