Roulette is a first choice for those who have a fresh take on life. People who love to experiment and are unafraid to try new things.

Our select spirits are made using unusual ingredients and unique distillation methods to create experiences that are bold, interesting and out of the ordinary.

So, if you are unafraid of new, and standing out in your group is your thing…then Roulette promises you an experience like no other.

Roulette Peated Premium Whisky

Roulette Peated Premium Whisky

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Malty, Fruity, Smoky

Taste: Burnt sugar, Caramel

Finish: Long, Smoky


750ml, 180ml, 60ml

Roulette is the first of its kind, a blend of fine Indian grain spirit BLENDED with peated single malt distilled in Goa and matured in ex-bourbon casks.

The Smoky aspect of the whisky is attributed to the high concentration of Peat smoke imparted during the malting of Indian six row barley, expressing gentle notes of honey and tropical fruits which can be associated to it being matured in the ex-bourbon casks, that gives it a long finish. Roulette bottled at 42.8% Abv is a perfect blend which is richly complex yet unbelievably smooth.

Roulette Premium Blended Grape Brandy

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Fruity, Sweet Vanilla, Warm, Spicy

Taste: Oaky, Woody Matured

Finish: Sweet Malt Taste

Masterfully blended in the time honored pot-still, Roulette is then matured in hand crafted oak barrels from the Limousin forests of France to produce an exceptionally smooth blend. Redolent with vanilla and oak aromas. Subtle spiciness and honeyed smoothness. A delightful, long-lingering mellow finish completes the experience that is truly Roulette.

Roulette Premium Blended Grape Brandy

Roulette London Dry Gin

Roulette London Dry Gin

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Rounded Juniper, herbaceous, fragrant citrus.

Taste: Subtle spice and citrus, Warm juniper and sweet.

Finish: Well balanced finish, dry juniper, floral and spicy.

Color: Clear.

Discover the perfect balance of versatility and flavour. With its juniper-forward profile, it's ideal for sipping or mixing. Whether you're enjoying it neat or with a mixer, its refreshing and easy-going character shines through. Roulette's effervescent charm and juniper-rich taste elevates any occasion, be it before or after sunset. Truly a Gin for all occasions!


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